New London Tech Trails - Mountain Biking


Explore the New London Tech Trails in Bedford County, a premier destination for mountain biking near Roanoke, VA. With 6.5 miles of meticulously designed, machine-cut trails dedicated to biking, these routes cater to riders of all levels. Enjoy smooth, rolling terrain that minimizes trip hazards and provides excellent visibility, ensuring a safe and thrilling riding experience. Open to the public, the New London Tech Trails offer a variety of routes classified as easy and moderately difficult. Whether you're a beginner looking to improve skills or an experienced rider seeking new challenges, these trails provide opportunities for both leisurely rides and exhilarating descents through serene woodlands. Managed sustainably by local authorities, these trails exemplify Virginia's commitment to outdoor recreation. Whether you're exploring solo or joining a group ride, the New London Tech Trails near Roanoke, VA, promise unforgettable mountain biking adventures amidst scenic natural landscapes.

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