Mill Mountain - Road Biking

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Experience thrilling road biking adventures at Mill Mountain near Roanoke, VA, known for its challenging climbs and stunning vistas. Starting from the base at Roanoke River, cyclists can enjoy a straightforward ascent towards the iconic Mill Mountain Star. Begin near the Walnut Street Bridge with convenient parking at Blue Cow Ice Cream and UnderDog Bikes, following well-marked signs leading up the mountain toward the star. Mill Mountain features paved roads with occasional rough patches, requiring cautious navigation. Traffic levels vary, especially around popular viewpoints like the Roanoke Star & Overlook, perfect for capturing memorable photos of Roanoke and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Experienced cyclists appreciate the steep gradients and rewarding challenges of Mill Mountain’s terrain, while beginners may find the climbs demanding. For alternative routes, explore the serene Blue Ridge Parkway or quieter rural roads in Roanoke County. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a nature enthusiast, Mill Mountain offers an unforgettable road biking experience amidst Virginia’s scenic landscapes.

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