Mill Mountain Park – Mountain Biking

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Just 3 miles from Downtown Roanoke, Virginia’s Blue Ridge offers some of the most thrilling mountain biking trails at Mill Mountain Park. This expansive 568-acre mountaintop park boasts over 10 miles of exhilarating single-track paths that not only showcase breathtaking views of Roanoke Valley but also lead riders to the iconic Roanoke Star. These trails are renowned for their challenging features, including rocky sections, tight switchbacks, and steep climbs, promising an adrenaline-packed and immensely rewarding ride. Among the park’s standout trails are the Monument Trail, Star Trail, and Big Sunny Trail, each offering its own unique blend of technical challenges and scenic beauty. While enjoying these trails, riders should be mindful of the park’s popularity for hiking and dog walking, ensuring a respectful and safe experience for all users. With its proximity to urban amenities and its stunning natural landscapes, Mill Mountain Park provides an irresistible playground for both local biking enthusiasts and visitors to Virginia’s Blue Ridge seeking an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to mountain biking, Mill Mountain Park promises thrills, views, and a true taste of Virginia’s outdoor splendor.

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