Military Family Support Centers, Inc.

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Our military service members represent only one percent of our population, but they carry the responsibility of protecting our entire country. But they do not do it alone. Their spouses, children, parents and other members of their family share in the duty and sacrifice of serving our country. Unfortunately, many of those families do not live near a military facility. That means these families don’t receive the benefits of those who live near a military base. We provide support for all of our remote military service men and women and their families in the following areas: Information – Many families are unfamiliar with where they can find information, due to the limited resources available at local military armories and reserve centers. This is where we bridge the gap by providing a place for service-specific military and general civilian information. Community – We work to increase community awareness of the needs and challenges of families of active service men and women. Communication – Free internet access at the MFSC enhances family communication near and far. DSN: 441-5675 Partnership – By connecting public support with private needs, we can provide additional services for you. This includes home and auto repair, household goods and transportation. Our collaboration with multi-service family assistance coordinators helps find common needs and ways to meet them. Socialization - We provide a fun meeting place for families, volunteers and donors by hosting social gatherings, support groups, sports events, outings, children’s camps and more.

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