Jamison Mill Park

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Discover Jamison Mill Park near Roanoke, VA, a hidden gem for mountain biking enthusiasts seeking serene trails amidst natural beauty. The park offers several scenic paths ideal for cyclists, including the Woodland Trail and Creekview Loop. These trails wind through lush woodlands and alongside tranquil creeks, providing a peaceful setting for leisurely rides or family biking adventures on natural surfaces. The Woodland Trail at Jamison Mill Park offers a gentle route suitable for beginners and families, showcasing the park's diverse flora and fauna. Meanwhile, the Creekview Loop provides a slightly more challenging ride with scenic viewpoints of the surrounding landscapes. While Jamison Mill Park is primarily known for its hiking trails and picturesque vistas, these biking trails offer a refreshing blend of nature and outdoor recreation. Whether you're exploring the Woodland Trail or enjoying the scenic views along Creekview Loop, Jamison Mill Park provides a serene backdrop for memorable biking experiences in Roanoke, VA.

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