High Ground Veterans Monument

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High Ground the stately Vinton-Roanoke County Veterans Monument located on the grounds of the Vinton War Memorial honors past Vinton and Roanoke County residents who were killed in action along with military men and women who have or are currently serving. The handcrafted monument is the first piece of public art in Vinton, and is available for viewing 365 days a year anytime of the day or evening. The public is invited to enjoy the meditative quality of High Ground. The monument was designed and constructed by the team of John Kirtley, Mary Babcock and Larry Betchel. The name of the monument, High Ground, came from a Vietnam War veteran who said in battle, a soldier always looks for the high ground. Likewise, visitors crossing the compass plaza to the octagonal pavilion will find their attention drawn ever upwards: up the broad steps, up the rough rocks and terraced fountain, to the granite panels inscribed with the names of fallen soldiers and up again to the bronze American flag.

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