Grassy Hill Natural Preserve

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Discover the diverse hiking trails of the Grassy Hill Natural Preserve near Roanoke, VA, each offering a unique outdoor experience. Beginners and families can enjoy the tranquil Meadow Loop Trail, a leisurely stroll spanning approximately one mile through open meadows and wildflower-filled fields. For a more challenging adventure, tackle the Ridge Trail, a moderate-to-difficult hike spanning about three miles round trip. This trail rewards hikers with stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains after a steep ascent. Intermediate hikers will find solace in the Creek Trail, a scenic path winding alongside babbling brooks and lush foliage, with a length of about two miles one way. Those seeking a tougher challenge can conquer the Summit Trail, approximately four miles round trip, leading to the preserve's highest point and offering unmatched vistas of the surrounding landscape. Before embarking, ensure you're prepared with water, snacks, and appropriate gear. Check trail maps and regulations for any updates or closures. Experience the natural beauty and diverse trails of the Grassy Hill Natural Preserve on your next outdoor adventure.

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  • Directions: The Grassy Hill Natural Preserve is located in Rocky Mount across from the YMCA and behind the Gereau Center for Technology.
  • Difficulty Level: Easy
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