Fenwick Mines Recreation Area

  • New Castle, VA 24127
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Explore the diverse mountain biking opportunities at Fenwick Mines Recreation Area near Roanoke, VA, situated within the picturesque Jefferson National Forest. In addition to its hiking trails, Fenwick Mines offers a unique biking experience with scenic routes like Mill Creek, a challenging 17-mile loop ride. This intermediate-level trail provides a rewarding journey through varied terrain, including old railroad beds and historic sites. To embark on the Mill Creek trail adventure, start at the Fenwick Mines Recreation Area parking lot. Follow Mill Creek Road to Route 615, then locate the first entrance to an old railroad bed on the left at Little Mountain Road. Ride along the railroad bed to Oriskany and reconnect with Route 615 briefly before turning left onto Lignite Road/Route 704. Ascend for several miles until you find the horse trail entrance on the left, leading past the ghost town of Lignite and the historic Lignite Mines. Continue on Route 179 (Bald Mountain Road) for approximately 4 miles, then transition to Forest Road 181 for 2 miles. Finally, turn left onto the Old Jeep Road to return to the Fenwick Mines parking area, completing your scenic journey through Virginia's wilderness. Discover the thrill of mountain biking at Fenwick Mines Recreation Area, where natural beauty and historical intrigue await. Plan your adventure today and experience the best of outdoor recreation near Roanoke, VA.

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