Fenwick Mines Recreation Area - Gravel Biking

  • New Castle, VA 24127
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Nestled in the scenic Jefferson National Forest near Roanoke, VA, Fenwick Mines Recreation Area is a haven for gravel biking enthusiasts. Explore a network of well-maintained gravel trails that wind through picturesque forests and alongside peaceful streams, offering varying levels of difficulty to cater to riders of all abilities. From gentle paths ideal for beginners to more challenging routes that test seasoned bikers, Fenwick Mines provides diverse terrain that promises thrilling rides amidst natural beauty. Conveniently located for day trips from Roanoke, it's the perfect destination to immerse yourself in outdoor adventure without straying far from urban comforts. Discover why Fenwick Mines Recreation Area stands out among Virginia's gravel biking spots. Plan your next ride amidst stunning landscapes and enjoy the tranquility of this hidden gem in Jefferson National Forest.

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