Explore Park – Mountain Biking

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Explore Park, situated at Milepost 115 along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Roanoke River Gorge, stands out as a top destination for mountain biking enthusiasts. Boasting over 14 miles of scenic trails winding through deciduous forests, this park offers an unforgettable outdoor experience for hikers and bikers alike. As a designated site on the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail, Explore Park is a haven for nature lovers, providing opportunities to spot a variety of animals and birds in their natural habitat. With trails suitable for all skill levels, ranging from easy to moderately difficult, Explore Park caters to both novice and experienced riders. These natural surface trails can be enjoyed individually or combined for longer rides, ensuring there's something for every cyclist seeking adventure. Discover the beauty of Virginia's wilderness and the thrill of mountain biking at Explore Park. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the scenic wonders of Roanoke's premier outdoor destination.

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