Elaine Fleck

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Textures are what excite me; the woven or hand knit textures of fabrics and the rich tapestry of nature. Years ago I created a way to merge my love of textile art, gardening and painting. If you look close at my work you will discover images made of a rich tapestry. It’s a complex surface that I create in my paintings. I weave together insects, flowers, vines, reptiles, and leaves through the use of printed fabric and paint. Viewing my paintings is like walking through a summer garden awash in the colors of vegetables and flowers and alive with the movement of birds, bees and insects. There probably isn’t a day that passes when I don’t visit my garden during the growing season. It is this reunion with the natural world that inspires the colors and textures that I bring to my paintings. Sometimes I get inspiration from my dreams, which provides a mystical quality to my work. Whether it is a portrait of someone, a landscape, or a still life, I attempt to weave together a feeling of connectedness of the human realm and the natural world which I adore.

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