East Coasters Ride

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Explore the East Coasters Ride, a captivating 25-mile road biking route near Roanoke, VA, renowned for its scenic beauty and local charm. Starting and ending at East Coasters Bike Shop on Brambleton Avenue, this route is a hub for biking enthusiasts to connect and discover the latest gear. The East Coasters Ride meanders through Roanoke’s historic Grandin Village and Downtown Salem, offering a glimpse into their unique charm. Cyclists enjoy panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and tranquil stretches along the Roanoke River. A highlight includes a scenic climb on Wildwood Road north of Salem, boasting breathtaking vistas. Afterward, cyclists loop back towards Roanoke, concluding their journey at East Coasters Bike Shop. Before or after the ride, cyclists often unwind at Brambleton Deli, a short ½ mile away, known for its excellent food and beverages. Experience why the East Coasters Ride is beloved among cyclists in Roanoke, VA, blending invigorating outdoor adventure with local hospitality. Plan your ride today and immerse yourself in this unforgettable cycling experience.
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