Douthat State Park - Fishing

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Experience exceptional fishing opportunities at Douthat State Park, located near Roanoke, VA. Douthat Lake, a 50-acre gem, is the heart of the park's fishing scene, offering a diverse range of fish species including trout, largemouth bass, sunfish, crappie, and channel catfish. Known for its abundant trout population, the lake is regularly stocked during the spring and fall, ensuring a rewarding experience for trout fishing enthusiasts. The park features several well-maintained fishing piers and numerous accessible shoreline spots, providing ample opportunities for anglers to cast their lines. For those who prefer fishing from the water, Douthat State Park offers boat rentals, including rowboats, paddleboats, and canoes. This allows fishermen to explore the lake's deeper waters and more secluded fishing areas. Families will find the designated children’s fishing areas perfect for young anglers under 12, creating a fun and educational outdoor activity for kids. The park occasionally hosts fishing clinics and workshops, providing valuable tips and techniques for both novice and experienced fishermen. In addition to the fantastic fishing, visitors can enjoy the park’s breathtaking scenery, with the Allegheny Mountains offering a stunning backdrop. Plan your visit to Douthat State Park and discover some of the best fishing near Roanoke, VA.

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