Dairy Queen - Daleville Tower Center


Discover Dairy Queen in Roanoke, VA, conveniently situated on Orange Ave, and in Daleville, VA, offering a delightful range of soft-serve ice cream treats and classic American fast food. Guests can indulge in Dairy Queen's famous Blizzards — creamy delights mixed with candies or fruit — at these beloved local spots. Dairy Queen welcomes visitors with its nostalgic ambiance and family-friendly vibe. Whether you're craving a Blizzard, a soft-serve cone, or a satisfying meal like burgers and hot dogs, Dairy Queen promises a treat for all tastes. Both locations are renowned for exceptional customer service and a welcoming atmosphere, solidifying Dairy Queen as a favorite among visitors to Roanoke and Daleville. Visitors are invited to plan their visit to Dairy Queen today and enjoy a taste of Americana in Roanoke and Daleville, VA!

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