Community High School

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We are located in downtown Roanoke, Va., where our students work with a number of partner organizations. Our campus extends beyond our main facility at 302 Second Street to the Roanoke Higher Education Center and the Taubman Museum of Art. We are small by design, with classes that work in an intimate, seminar-based format. Our faculty includes working artists accomplished in their fields and scholars with advanced degrees. Our curriculum is diverse, including classes in both conventional core subjects and in areas ranging from Film Production to African Studies. Our students are diverse as well, in ethnicity, faith, economic background and, perhaps most importantly, vocation. We seek to define the arts as critical thinking. While we encourage students to express themselves creatively, our understanding of Art isn’t limited to that. We encourage our students to engage in a broader cultural conversation, to understand Art as a means of inquiry. To do so means to think independently and critically. The cognitive skills developed through the arts are as vital as those developed in the sciences and social sciences. All of them make for better students, more engaged citizens and happier people. What else can we say? Perhaps this: Community High is a home for folks who are impatient with rote learning, standardization and unimaginative thinking.

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Things to Do
Things to Do
  • Additional Information: Marginal Arts Festival is March 27-29, 2014. Locations vary. Visit facebook for events and happenings.

Alma Del Core Community Music Series: Concert #4

Community High School for Arts and Academics
302 Campbell Ave SE
Roanoke, VA 24013
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