Cahas Mountain - Road Biking

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Discover one of Virginia's hidden gems for road cycling at Cahas Mountain in Franklin County, a short yet stunning route renowned for its natural beauty and scenic vistas. Starting from Chaos Mountain Brewing on Dillons Mill Road, cyclists embark on a 3.5-mile journey to the summit. Initially heading north from the brewery for about half a mile, riders then turn onto Route 726, beginning a nearly 1,000-foot ascent to Wades Gap at 2,286 feet. This narrow road sees minimal vehicle traffic, enhancing its appeal as a prime cycling route. The serene surroundings and panoramic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains provide a captivating backdrop throughout the ascent, offering cyclists a truly rewarding experience. After conquering the climb, cyclists can indulge in a well-deserved treat at Chaos Mountain Brewing, where delicious craft beers await. Whether you're seeking a challenging ride or simply wish to soak in Virginia's natural beauty, Cahas Mountain promises an unforgettable cycling adventure amidst tranquil landscapes and exhilarating terrain. Experience the thrill of cycling Cahas Mountain near Roanoke, VA, and discover why it's celebrated as one of the top bike routes in Virginia's Blue Ridge. Cheers to unforgettable rides and post-ride delights at Chaos Mountain Brewing!

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