Bent Mountain - Road Biking

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Bent Mountain, located near Roanoke, VA, is one of the most popular routes for road biking in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. This 8.3-mile climb to the 2,963-foot summit offers cyclists a rewarding challenge, with an excellent riding surface and breathtaking views. The route up Bent Mountain features a 1,600-foot climb along Callaway Road on the southern side, providing a safer and more scenic alternative to the busier Route 221. Cyclists will enjoy the hilly and winding terrain, perfect for those seeking to improve their climbing skills and enjoy thrilling descents. The ride begins on Callaway Road, which has less traffic and offers a smoother, more enjoyable experience. Upon reaching the end of Callaway Road, riders turn right onto Route 221, followed by an immediate right onto the Blue Ridge Parkway to continue the climb to the summit. Bent Mountain's road cycling routes are especially popular in spring and fall, when mild temperatures and vibrant foliage create a picturesque setting. Summer rides are best enjoyed in the cooler early mornings or evenings to avoid the heat. Winter cycling is also possible with appropriate gear for colder conditions. Local cycling clubs and events further enhance the cycling community, offering group rides and social opportunities. For those seeking an exceptional road cycling experience, Bent Mountain near Roanoke, VA, combines physical challenge with the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains, making it a must-visit destination for cyclists.

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