Bent Mountain - Blue Ridge Parkway Loop

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With a name like Bent Mountain, how can you possibly go wrong? Start at Route 221 at the intersection of Route 419 and Brambleton Road. Take 221 South through Poages Mill. You'll see Bent Mountain looming in the distance. At about eight miles out, you'll hit Bent Mountain, a 3.5-mile sidewinder that features some utterly stunning views of the Roanoke Valley. At the top of the mountain, you'll find the small community of Bent Mountain. Proceed for 3.5 miles. Enter the Blue Ridge Parkway at Adney Gap - Milepost 136 on the Parkway.From here, take a LEFT on the Parkway (north) and follow it to the Roanoke Loop at Milepost 120. Stop by the 100-foot neon Roanoke Star to take in an awe-inspiring view of the Roanoke Valley. Take the curvy descent to the City of Roanoke. Or you can get back on the Parkway and continue the ride. You can return to Roanoke via 460 a few miles down the Parkway. If you're a die-hard, take the Parkway (north) to the Peaks of Otter, and return on Route 43 off the Parkway to the Town of Bedford, which is also home to the National D-Day Memorial. Route 460 West will then lead you back to the Roanoke Valley. A hike up the Peaks of Otter is also worthwhile, though not for the meek or time-stressed.You'll also frequently see deer and other wildlife along the Parkway. This ride can vary from a tour of just over 25 miles to an all-day affair depending on your pace, stops, and the options you choose.

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