The Meek's Manor

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The Meek's Manor Presents "Blood Lust" .... A Valentines Special Event! 2 days only! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Looking for something new, different and FUN!? Put a Scary-Love twist on this years Valentine’s Day plans by visiting The Meek’s Manor “Bloodlust”! The Meek’s Manor Presents “Bloodlust” a special Valentine's Day Haunted House Attraction. This is Valentine's Date to Die for! The Meek’s have always enjoyed this holiday. The Meek’s have too much bloodlust. They love killing and keeping forever. Come celebrate this Terrifying holiday haunt with the Meek’s as you go through with very minimal to no lighting on with only 1 dim flashlight per group. This is the Midnight Hour …. Will you survive? This special holiday haunt you will be introduced to many new immortal Meek’s characters that lurk in the midnight hour such as Vampires, Werewolves and other special characters. You will also meet “The Candy Striker”. Legend says that The Candy Striker was created by Nikki Meek’s. He is an X-boyfriend that she brutalized in the Movie Theater. When they went to get his body, he was gone. It’s said that he turned into a Dark Vampire, but we only see him on Valentine's Day because that’s when she brought him to his death. He’s roaming The Meek’s looking for anyone that has candy. Don’t let him see you with candy, or you will be sorry! Our VIP Victims will get a special treatment. If you upgrade to VIP you WILL BE TOUCHED, GRAZED and BUMPED into by our actors and may leave The Meek’s with some special treats in your face. Plus when you upgrade your group will have the option of a LARGER flashlight and will get to get into the FAST PASS LINE! This will be a much more involved experience. Purchase your ticket's, parking pass, birthday necklace and VIP Passes here: Plus we are a part of many other social media networks: FOLLOW The Meek's Manor: