The Meek's Manor

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UPDATE: ♦♦♦ WE HAVE MOVED LOCATIONS! NEW LOCATION TO OPEN SEPT 2018! WE ARE NOW LOCATED AT 805 NORFOLK AVE, SW., ROANOKE, VA 24016!!!!!!! 3X Larger, 3X Scarier, 3X The thrill and killings! Dates: Thurs: 7-10pm Fri/Sat: 7-11pm Halloween: 7-11pm Sept 27th, 28th, 29th (times vary) Oct. 4th, 5th, 6th, 11th, 12th, 13th (times vary) Oct 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 31st (times vary) Nov. 1st, 2nd, 3rd (times vary) Get your tickets online! Save time, get in quicker! Virginia's Newest, Scariest Haunted House Attraction. Unlike any other haunted house you've been to. You will feel like you just walked into a Horror Movie. The Meek's Family Horror Movie, a Psychological thriller. If you want to be REALLY scared, then this is the haunt for you. Totally indoor Haunt, Indoor Waiting (rain or shine), Vendors, Short film viewing, 23+ Terrifying Rooms, meet The Meek's, meet their victims, Live Entertainment and so much more!!! The Meek's TERROR has a NEW home. The Meek's Manor houses the most blood-curdling, mind-bending horror exhibition in the Roanoke Valley. Experience first-hand the soul wrenching transformation of the Meek's Family. Axle, Mickie, Hunter and Nikki, into the ultimate experience of terror! This is the story of how three loving sibilings; Axle, Mickie, and Nikki Meek's were transformed into the three deadliest sociopaths, Virginia has ever seen. Fairly innocent when they turned on their abusive parents shredding them, and leaving them for dead in their own house. The Meek's have slashed a horrific bloody trail across the country. Along their way, the found their long lost brother Hunter Meek's which now a part of this NEW Ultimate Terror. Years of tender care by their grandfather Tom couldn’t appease their lust for blood and murder. Despite their timid outward appearances, their inner demons grew hungrier and hungrier while neighbors disappeared and the hideous pile of corpses stacked up. Seeking refuge and distraction in the circus, these vicious killers left a brutal trail of broken bodies behind them as they traveled across the country, entertaining circus fans by day…and slaughtering them by night. The Meek's have returned home for their masterpiece performance. And You're invited. If.You.Dare. Come visit The Meek's .... See the Horror, meet the Characters, meet the Victims, experience their lives throughout the entire interactive haunted house .... Hope you make it out ALIVE! Watch our videos/read our stories on the photos to learn about each character, that makes the entire experience so much more fun when you come to The Meek's Manor Haunted House Attraction! THE NEED TO KNOW: Not recommended for 13 & Under / VIP Add On Experience 18+ Buy your ticket & parking pass now! Our VIP Victims will get a special treatment, more scares, get to see more characters in our scenes. If you upgrade to VIP you WILL BE TOUCHED, GRAZED and BUMPED into by our actors and may leave The Meek’s with some special treats in your face. VIP is 18+ ONLY and you will have to sign a consent form before entering into The Manor. NOTICE: We've MOVED LOCATIONS. We are now located in Roanoke VA. 805 Norfolk Ave. SW, Roanoke, VA 24016 Also don't forget to like us on FB! We have weekly giveaways and many sneak peeks! Plus we are a part of many other social media networks: FOLLOW The Meek's Manor:

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