Roanoke Craft Beer Tours

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ROANOKE CRAFT BEER TOURS - The most convenient way to discover Roanoke's hopping craft beer scene! Each tour visits 3 breweries where we will go behind the scenes to explore brewing facilities, learn the basics of brewing beer ("Beer Brewing 101"), examine traditional ingredients, and explore the roots of the national and our local craft beer movement while tasting fresh, delicious craft beer made by local craftsman. Tastings are included in the tour, as is a quick stop at Roanoke's iconic "after hours" eatery. Plus round trip transportation and pick up/drop off at a few local hotels. Created for fun and to ignite your appreciation of this ancient craft. Whether you're a craft beer newcomer or a craft beer expert, you're sure to enjoy a tour of local microbreweries, lively beer conversation, and the opportunity to sample the work of our local brew masters. PUBLIC & PRIVATE GROUP TOURS AVAILABLE: Public tours are held weekly year round. Have a group coming to Roanoke? We can accommodate groups up to 14. See the Private Group Tours page on our web site or call for information and details. READY TO JOIN THE ADVENTURE? Advance tickets are required. Must be 21 or older.

Things to Do
  • Miles from I-81: 4
  • Directions: Downtown Roanoke
Things to Do
  • Admission Rates: Food Tour $45 per adult; Craft Beer Tour $48.00; Blue Ridge Wine Tour $60.00
  • Sunday Hours: Brunch Food Tour 11:15am-1:45pm; Blue Ridge Wine Tour Noon-6:00pm
  • Monday Hours: Appt. only
  • Tuesday Hours: Appt. only
  • Wednesday Hours: Appt. only
  • Thursday Hours: Food Tour 11am-2pm
  • Friday Hours: Food Tour 11am-2pm, Beer Tour 5:30-9:30pm
  • Saturday Hours: Food Tour 11am-2pm; Craft Beer Tour 1:30-5:30pm
  • Additional Information: Please visit our website for more information about our Food, Craft Beer and Wine Tours.
  • Dinner/Tour Package:
  • Guided Tours:
  • Largest Group Accommodated: Up to 50 persons
  • Special Diet Consideration:
  • Special Events for Groups:
  • Special Group Programs for Adults:
  • Special Tour Packages:
  • Special Tour Package Details: Please contact us directly for customized tours. Toll Free (855) 993-TOUR (8687) See this web page for details -