Pig Camp Barbecue

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We’re a small family with an unrivaled passion for serving 100% wood-fired slow-smoked hand-crafted barbecue. What started as a backyard hobby, quickly transformed into an all out obsession. A fascination with the craft, with the process. It became an ongoing commitment to produce better barbecue with each cook… one fire at a time. Our barbecue is Texas inspired with our own special tweaks to produce the best product we possibly can. All meats are personally tended to for hours on our 500 gallon offset smoker fueled by a low and slow burning hickory wood fire. You can rest assured that each cut of meat that comes off our pit has received just a little less love than we provide our very own children. Pig Camp Barbecue was built with family, friends, and community in mind. We have always loved how barbecue brings people together. People from all walks of life slowing down to enjoy good food and even better times.

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