Mill Mountain

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You can’t go biking in Virginia’s Blue Ridge and not ride up the most famous mountain in Roanoke! Mill Mountain is known as home to the iconic Roanoke Star, which sits atop the mountain and provides an incredible overlook of the surrounding valley. For biking up the mountain, you can begin at the base of the mountain at the Roanoke River and it’s a simple, straight-forward climb to the top. From the Walnut Street Bridge and parking at the building that houses Blue Cow Ice Cream and UnderDog Bikes, follow the signs that lead up Mill Mountain and just start riding toward the star. Make sure you have a camera with you at the top so you can get a picture from the Roanoke Star & Overlook, a bucket list item for any visitor in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. If you’re looking for more adventure, there are also over 10 miles of outstanding mountain biking trails in Mill Mountain Park.

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