Karen Sewell

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Karen Sewell was raised in Floyd, Virginia, surrounded by the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. With a passion to create all of her life, these surroundings have provided the perfect outlet for this need. The small dramas being played out in nature would end up on the pages of many sketchpads. Over time, the beautiful surroundings and the stories of old-time traditions and culture greatly influenced her artwork. As an adult, she lived in the coastal regions of the South such as Charleston, SC, where involvement in art groups fueled the growing need to paint and interact in the local art scenes. Once she relocated "back home", she and 5 other artists started a local art group and co-op gallery, The Floyd Artists Association, LLC. Karen teaches and shows her art at the gallery and at several other locations in the region. Karen has diligently developed her own style of painting that reflects her life, values, and passions. She enjoys working with multiple mediums and subjects, but landscapes and portraits in oil or pastel are favored. Being diverse in the creative process prevents stagnation, allowing her to continue to grow and evolve as an artist.