Virginia's Blue Ridge is Open for Business!

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Dominion Images Photography

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David got his first real taste for being a photographer when he begged his way into a job at a television station. That "glamorous" life in broadcasting started by running the teleprompter on the morning show and vacuuming the set. But as luck would have it, he got to play with an early version of a "mini-cam" (an RCA TK-76 with a Sony 110 deck. Look it up; it's a monster set of gear!) and his boss said it looked good on him! He was assigned to shoot the first three holes at a golf tournament. Four days carrying over 65 pounds of gear across a golf course! He was young, didn't know any better and had a strong back. That job, along with an education from the University of Oklahoma, landed him his first full-time position at the NBC station in Roanoke, Virginia. He covered all the basics of local news. Accidents, fires, City Hall and courts. He was soon promoted to Chief Photographer. He was then offered a position in Washington, DC.. Working for Potomac Television exposed him to big-time news gathering and broadcasters from around the world. The BBC, France 5 (Le Cinq), TV Tokyo and many stations across the US. And from there to NBC News. He has been assigned to The Capitol covering both The House and Senate. The Supreme Court. Federal Court in DC. And The White House. Along the way, he garnered a nomination for an Emmy as well as several other awards. But his passion has always been with still photography. Upon leaving TV, David began Dominion Images Photography. (By the way, Dominion is a nod to his home in Virginia, "The Old Dominion" and Images is a recognition that with digital, photography is evolving.) He has worked for Fortune 500 companies (Merrill Lynch, Kroger, UPS, Hilton, Chick-fil-a and others) as well as hundreds of local and regional firms. His work has been published in various newspapers and national and international magazines.

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