Barn Quilts for Books

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These lively quilt “signs” have been appearing in many rural communities across the country. We have brought them to this area and are using our efforts to raise money for Craig County Library. Our young library is growing and providing all kinds of good services to the entire county. Please help us support it! Barn quilts are painted quilt squares on weatherproof boards that are attached to barns, outbuildings, fences, store fronts, homes, or hung indoors. A single square of a quilt pattern is enlarged to 4’ x 4’ or 8’ x 8’, or 2’ x 2’ for smaller indoor and outdoor spaces. Craig County has a growing Barn Quilt Trail. Begun in 2014 as a means of raising awareness for Craig's beautiful countryside and a way to raise money for the Craig County Library, the trail now has 50+ barn quilts. They are part of 140 panels painted and displayed in 8 states and many counties in Virginia. A map of the trail is available at Printed maps are at the Craig County Library, on the corner of Rt. 311 and Main Street in New Castle. For a beautiful drive in the country, take Rt. 311 west from Salem towards New Castle. Stop at one of the small restaurants in town or check out the library/visitor's center where you can get a map of the barn quilt trail. Visit The Emporium on Main Street for a wide variety of things on sale in a historic building. It is across the street from Craig County's original courthouse and the Old Brick Hotel with three restored cabins from the county on the property. To visit the inside of these old buildings, contact Craig's Historic Society by calling 540-580-3745. From downtown, take Rt. 42 up the mountain to the Sinking Creek Valley where most of the barn quilts are displayed. Loop back by way of Little Mountain Road (624) or continue on through Giles County to Rt. 460 and Blacksburg.

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