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Anna Wentworth

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My interest in art started early. I was sick a lot as a child and to entertain me, my mother used to draw stories for me about her own childhood; that is probably where my interest in art began. I started drawing at an early age, often on walls and my mother's books (which is why my parents began supplying me with lots of paper). Originally, I wanted to be an illustrator-to tell stories through my art; and I think storytelling through art is still what I am after, even if the stories themselves are only in my own mind. I am fascinated by people and the lives I imagine for them, by abandoned dwellings and barns, and any landscapes that seem to have a story behind them. I work in acrylic, oil and watercolor and have several exhibits planned. I have studied with Peyton Klein, Vera Dickinson and Ann Glover. My work can be seen at The Market Gallery in downtown Roanoke.

  • Additional Information: Gallery Hours- Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5:30pm