Town of Fincastle Ringing of the Bells

  • Dates: December 31, 2023
  • Times: 11:45pm
  • Location: Historic Fincastle
    3 West Main Street
    Fincastle, VA 24090
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No one is sure of the origin of the New Years' Eve bell ringing tradition; however it has been gaining in popularity for well over 150 years, and involves bell ringers throughout various churches in Town, as well as the Courthouse.  At fifteen minutes until midnight the tolling begins. The bell in the Court House is struck and afterwards, at twelve second intervals, bells of the churches ring in a clockwise order around the town: Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, and Episcopal. This continues until the bell at the Court House strikes twelve. Taps are played to signify respect for the dying year. The bell-ringers in the Court House then strike the digits of the New Year - for example, one, nine, nine, eight. Then, three shotgun blasts indicate that it is time for bells to joyously welcome the New Year by ringing for an additional ten minutes.

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Town of Fincastle Ringing of the Bells
  • 3 West Main Street
  • Fincastle, VA 24090
  • to
  • Historic Fincastle