Todd Snider w/ Lilly Winwood

  • Dates: September 7, 2022
  • Times: Doors open at 7pm; Show starts at 8pm
  • Admission: $32, $47, $240 (VIP Table up to 4 people)
  • Harvester Performance Center
    450 Franklin Street
    Rocky Mount, VA 24151
  • Phone: 540-484-8277
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Todd Snider–Live: Return of the Storyteller

Troubadour, meaning an itinerant singer of songs, is a word that dates back centuries,and comes from the French verb “trouver,” which is to find. These musical wandererswould find and invent stories humorous and intellectual, romantic and earthy,performing them as they went from town to town. Troubadour is also the word thatacclaimed musician-raconteur Todd Snider leans on to describe himself and his latestrelease,Live: Return of the Storyteller.“I think my first thought with this record was I wanted to remind people really quicklythat I'm a troubadour,” says Snider. “Playing live is the only chance for me to show,'This is what I really do.' I've never thought of myself as a recording artist. I'm someonewho gets over by traveling around, telling stories, making up new songs and singingthem alone on stage.”Before he even made his professional debut withSongs For The Daily Planetin 1994,Snider already knew that he wanted to be part of this time-honored tradition. “I like theromantic notion of drifting around and laughing your way through life,” he says. “LikeJim Croce or Mark Twain. I felt like I was half-doing that anyway. When I was 19, I wasa real drifter and a sofa circuit person.Then when I first saw Jerry Jeff Walker and JohnPrine play, I became obsessed. I followed them both around like The Grateful Dead. Isaw that the difference between a free spirit and a freeloader was three chords.“And as soon as I figured that out, I knew that it would help me as a person who didn'thave a plan. Just to be a busker. I didn't want to sign up for normal life. I wanted to doanother thing, and then it turned into a real gig. I was really surprised. It's still funny tobe getting away withit.”That speaks to Snider's modesty about his singular talent and deep catalog of songs ofevery emotional stripe.Rolling Stonehas called him “America's sharpest musicalstoryteller” while theNew York Timesdescribed him as “a wryly quotable phrasemakerand worthy antagonist.”Live: Return of the Storyteller–his third live album andnineteenth overall-plays like a masterclass by one man with a guitar and a freewheelingimagination. Threading his husky-voiced phrasing through a likable cosmic cowboymanner, he invites you on a tour of tunes humorous (“Big Finish,” and the have-meets-have-not “In Between Jobs”), Proustian (“Play a Train Song,” “Too Soon To Tell,” andthe lump-in-the-throat snapshot of John Prine on “Handsome John”) and heart-worn(“Like a Force of Nature,” “The Very Last Time,” “Roman Candles”). As the fifteen-song set unfolds, you can feel a tangible bond building between Snider and his fans

Lilly Winwood

When something is in your blood, it’s easy to take for granted. But if the last few years have taught Lilly Winwood anything, it’s that nothing is set in stone. Mixing salt-of-the-earth songwriting with a graceful splash of old-world sophistication, the Americana songstress reached a long-sought milestone with her 2021 album debut, Time Well Spent.

The daughter of Grammy winning British rocker Steve Winwood (Traffic, Spencer Davis Group), Lilly grew up splitting time between the U.K. and Nashville’s neon-lit streets. Back then music was ever present, she says, and whether performing with her older brother, writing teenaged odes to young love or just soaking in her father’s work, it gave Winwood a unique creative perspective – one that felt more in line with Nashville than London.

Moving to Music City for good at 18, Winwood soon gravitated to the alternative-minded enclave of East Nashville, and after forming creative partnerships with locals like Boo Ray and Don Gallardo, released her Silver Stage EP in 2017. Time Well Spent followed in 2021, backed by East Nashville household names Alex Munoz and Allen Thompson, earning accolades from tastemakers like Rolling Stone Country as she solidified a go-your-own-way sense of earthy pop.

Winwood mixes a steady throb of up-all-night angst with a gentle country-rock vibe of dreamy clarity in her latest release “Sleep Issues.” Penned over long sleepless nights, with clear eyes and a willingness to ask tough questions, Winwood simply wrote her story and brought it to her band at Nashville’s Trace Horse studio – no producer needed. Describing it like “painting with sound,” Winwood spent hours alone with just a guitar and a pen beforehand, getting to know herself and the world she’d kept at arm’s length during the pandemic. No longer trying to impress anyone, this track features the weary sense of freedom that comes with letting down one’s guard – and the title itself speaks to that freedom

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Todd Snider w/ Lilly Winwood
  • 450 Franklin Street
  • Rocky Mount, VA 24151
  • to
  • Harvester Performance Center
  • $32, $47, $240 (VIP Table up to 4 people)