Thoughts & Feelings: Images & Effects

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Thoughts are things--living entities animated by the minds that generated them!

Thought provoking slideshow of rarely or never before seen thought, feeling and musical sound forms or shapes showing our thoughts are real radiating vibrations and floating energy forms--not just chemical reactions generating electrical potential being transmitted through neural network activity! Discover what your thoughts, feelings, and musical sounds look like. See how your conscious awareness of how they are created can affect and possibly improve your life. Those interested in improving their life, psychology, chemistry, biology, spiritual
consciousness, vibrations, or brain functions are encouraged to attend. This is a full color slideshow and discussion with free lunch. ($15 includes slide copies and notes)

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Thoughts & Feelings: Images & Effects
  • 1936 W. Main Street
  • Salem, VA 24017
  • to
  • The Old Preston House across from Walmart
  • $15