Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Nocturnal Species!

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Join us for a Walk on the Wild Side - Nocturnal Species!

Embark on an enchanting journey into the nocturnal world as we explore Mill Mountain under the cover of darkness. Our journey begins at 6:00PM in front of the Discovery Center before we start our adventure with our skilled educators that will guide you through an evening filled with discovery and wonder.

Program Highlights:

Setting Up the Light Sheet and Native Night Life Chat (30 mins): Begin the night by assisting our educators in setting up a light sheet in the Mill Mountain Wildflower Garden. This simple yet effective tool will attract a myriad of nocturnal insects, providing us with a fascinating glimpse into their nighttime activities. Then gather around for an engaging discussion about the native nocturnal wildlife that calls Mill Mountain home. Learn about the various species of animals that emerge under the veil of darkness and the unique adaptations that allow them to thrive in their nocturnal habitat.‍

Night Hike Exploration (45 mins - 1 hour): Embark on a guided night hike around Mill Mountain, led by our experienced educators. As we traverse the trails, keep your senses attuned to the sounds and sights of the night. Our knowledgeable guides will stop along the way to introduce you to the fascinating nocturnal species we encounter, shedding light on their behaviors and habitats. We will finish our hike back at our light sheet to see what we can find. ‍

Nocturnal Species Encounter at the Zoo (45 mins - 1 hour): Conclude our adventure with a visit to the zoo, where we'll have the opportunity to meet some of the nocturnal residents up close. From majestic owls to creepy insects, our educators will provide insights into the lives of these captivating creatures, highlighting their importance in the ecosystem.

Location: Mill Mountain Wildflower Garden, Mill Mountain hiking trails, and Mill Mountain Zoo
Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours
Recommended Attire: Comfortable clothing suitable for outdoor exploration, sturdy walking shoes, and layers to accommodate changing temperatures.‍
Provided: Field guides, binoculars, and visibility sashes (all provided materials will need to be returned at the end of the program)
Note: Please bring a flashlight/headlamp for the night hike, and be prepared for moderate physical activity.
Join us as we uncover the mysteries of the night and gain a deeper appreciation for the nocturnal world that surrounds us!

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side: Nocturnal Species!
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