Shaken or Stirred: The Hands-On Craft Cocktail Adventure

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Ever wonder…why are some cocktails shaken?  Why others are stirred? And why does James Bond care so much?   Have you asked, “can I use bourbon instead of gin in this cocktail?”  When you start to ask these questions AND learn and taste the answers, something amazing happens.  You become much more interesting and strangers start to smile at you for no apparent reason.

Well, maybe not. But learning to make these four essential and foundational cocktails will be super fun!  And it’s a great way to bond with friends, colleagues, and/or family

You’ll be the bartender!
You’ll learn to make four of the most important craft cocktails on planet Earth!   We’ll change the cocktails based on the season, so when you leave, you’ll be able to immediately impress your friends.  You’ll learn the basics and you’ll learn when and how you can improvise.  You’ll also get to use the very cool bartender equipment and light some orange peels on fire (yea, fun!).

You’ll have time to mingle with friends and time to enjoy your cocktail creations.

We’ll remind you to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, plus we’ll provide some nibbles too.

It’s craft cocktail edu-tainment!
Get your brain in the mix too.  Making and ordering a craft cocktail should not be intimidating or mysterious.  The award-winning bartenders from Lucky and Fortunato restaurants will let you peek under the hood and get your hands and mind into the mix!

If we use citrus juice should we shake or stir?  Do we want the ice to melt?   What’s up with those garnishes?  And how did these cocktail get their names anyway?

We’ve got answers. And, we might even share some with you!  Of course, we will, that’s part of the fun for us.

Lucky Restaurant & Tour Roanoke team up and invite you to be the maker! It’s a hands-on, craft cocktail adventure.
You’ll learn to make four craft cocktails. Learn the basics of these classic and important cocktails!
Featuring the award-winning bartenders at Lucky.
Includes four cocktails, light snacks, plenty of water, and great fun.
A fun activity for your friends and a great way to up your cocktail game.
Limited capacity, don’t delay.

$5.00 per ticket discount for groups of 4 or more.
Light finger food and water are provided.
Entirely inside, we encourage casual clothing and comfy shoes.
This event is not accessible for guests with mobility disabilities or wheelchairs.
Ample adjacent street parking.

Cocktail Theme:
Sat. June 22, & July 20, 2024 – Summertime cocktails


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Shaken or Stirred: The Hands-On Craft Cocktail Adventure
  • 18 Kirk Ave SW
  • Roanoke, VA 24011
  • to
  • Lucky Restaurant
  • Adult (age 21+): $75 each; 4+ Adults (ages 21+): $70 each