Pre-Performance Talk: “An Hour of Watt?”

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Freddy Paige, assistant professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering; and assistant director, Virginia Center for Housing Research

Around 30,000 watt-hours of electricity a day is consumed in the average American residence. Join Freddy Paige for an experience exploring in-home energy use before seeing “HOME” at the Moss Arts Center. Moving beyond the numbers and units, dive into an interactive story of energy use in homes from multiple perspectives. Imagine unplugging your home from all electrical sources. How would you cook, take hot showers, or post about how bored you are on social media? Add your perspective to an electrifying hour of edu-tainment that will reshape your understanding of the energy that flows in your home.

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Pre-Performance Talk: “An Hour of Watt?”
  • 190 Alumni Mall
  • Blacksburg, VA 24060
  • to
  • Moss Arts Center Cube
  • Free; register through the box office