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Overnight Sensations

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Overnight Sensations 2020

Saturday, July 11, 8 pm

Mill Mountain Theatre’s Trinkle Main Stage, 1 Market Square

Since 2006, the Playwright’s Lab at Hollins has partnered with Mill Mountain Theatre to present our version of the 24-Hour Plays. On Friday night six playwrights are randomly paired with six directors, who then randomly draw from a hat a variety of writing prompts and a preselected cast of local actors. Before 8 am the next morning, they have to write a 10-minute play. They meet with their directors over a continental breakfast on Saturday morning and make any last minute changes before the actors arrive at 11 am and the play begins rehearsal. When 8 pm rolls around, and the audience are in their seats, the show begins! Always a packed house, always free, and always lots of fun for everyone.

Admission: free, open to the public.

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Overnight Sensations