Hayley Jane

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It's been WAY too long since we welcomed Hayley Jane to the 5 Points stage. It will be 4 years to the day when she returns October 6 because we weren't gonna wait any longer! Join us for an always captivating performance from Hayley Jane and her band.

Hayley Jane pulls inspiration from a variety of styles, including 60s + 70s rock + pop, musical theater, folk, blues, soul, psychedelic, funk + bluegrass. Just as varied, are the many ways she can captivate an audience. Whether the concentrated potency of her solo acoustic performance, the explosive energy + movement of her full band shows, or one of her theatrical performances, she always brings the charisma, humor + passion to move an audience.

Her music has been praised by a wide range of musicians, producers + music lovers alike, for successfully combining a diverse sound with clever, over-the-top lyrics + Vaudevillian-style storytelling. Hayley reawakens her audiences to the wild parts of themselves, great medicine for these modern times.

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Hayley Jane
  • 1217 Maple Avenue SW
  • Roanoke, VA 24016
  • to
  • 5 Points Music Sanctuary
  • GA $10 ADV/$12 DOS