Cube Fest 2022: Afrofuturism

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Cube Fest 2022 celebrates the latest innovations in immersive sound and musical composition in a place that provides the ultimate sonic experience. Cube Fest concerts present music that moves around, above, and through the listener. Impossible to re-create at home listening on a stereo system or with headphones, these works were created specifically for the Cube’s world-leading audio system, complete with over 140 loudspeakers.

This year’s festival celebrates immersive Afrofuturist music. Afrofuturism is an ideology that examines the past and the future through a Black cultural lens, connecting African diaspora culture with science and technology. Cube Fest 2022 features works by Jupiter Blue, King Britt, Yvette Janine Jackson, and Sea Novaa, and includes an evening-long concert, The Other Wakanda, presented by Stephen James Taylor.

A special Cube event puts the spotlight on Virginia Tech student musicians, showcasing new spatial hip-hop music created by members of Virginia Tech Digging in the Crates (#VTDITC), the university’s student-led hip-hop studies program.

The keynote talk, You Haven't Met the Captain of the Spaceship...Yet, delivered by Thomas Stanley of George Mason University, will precede a spatialized experience of the influential Afrofuturist album Space Is the Place by visionary composer Sun Ra.

Recent immersive music from around the world will be presented, including work by James Bagshaw, Chris Coleman, Philippe-Aubert Gauthier, Orestis Karamanlis, Christophe Lengelé, and Nikos Stavropoulis.

The pieces programmed for the Sounds in Focus and Sounds Cubed concerts were selected by a multidisciplinary jury at Virginia Tech from an international pool of music submitted for Cube Fest. All submitted pieces were designed for an immersive listening experience. Sounds Cubed concerts are created to be experienced in the vast sonic environment of the Cube, while the Sounds in Focus concerts benefit from a more intimate and concentrated immersive sound setting.

Cube Fest 2022 is sponsored by the Moss Arts Center; the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology; the Center for Humanities; and Cycling ’74.

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Cube Fest 2022: Afrofuturism
  • 190 Alumni Hall
  • Blacksburg, VA 24061
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  • Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech
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  • Recurring daily