Breakfast with the Animals - Om-Nom with the Omnivores

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Join us at the Mill Mountain Zoo for a unique opportunity to have breakfast with the animals. Guests will be treated to a light breakfast buffet and the chance to meet one of the zoo’s education outreach animals. This will be immediately followed by a special chat with zoo educators as they amaze our guests with more fun and educational facts about our animal residents. This intimate experience will allow zoo visitors to learn more about various animals’ diets, behavior, and personalities. Following the chats, there will be a child-focused and parent-assisted craft that will be designed to further foster excitement and knowledge about the featured animals.

Embrace your love for the fascinating world of omnivorous creatures with Om-nom with the Omnivores! This exclusive event invites you to enjoy a delightful breakfast while we delve into the captivating lives of some of our favorite omnivorous residents right here at the zoo. Join us for a morning of culinary delights and engaging conversation as we shine a spotlight on these remarkable animals. From bears to ducks and beyond, our omnivorous friends boast a diverse diet that mirrors our own, making them endlessly intriguing subjects for discussion.

Whether you're a dedicated animal enthusiast, a curious visitor, or simply someone who appreciates a good meal, Om-nom with the Omnivores promises an unforgettable experience that celebrates the wonders of nature and the joy of sharing stories about our animal friends. Don't miss your chance to join us for this one-of-a-kind event at Mill Mountain Zoo. Reserve your spot today and get ready for a morning filled with delicious food, fascinating creatures, and memorable moments that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the omnivorous wonders of the animal kingdom!

‍Cost per breakfast:
$30/non-member adult
$25/member adult
$25/non-member child
$20/member child
$90/non-member family of 4
$80/member family of 4

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Breakfast with the Animals - Om-Nom with the Omnivores
  • Mill Mountain Spur
  • Roanoke, VA 24014
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  • Mill Mountain Zoo
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