17th Annual Into the Darkness Night Trail Run

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This year’s course will be the same as last year and the 2018 and prior course.

This is the Roanoke Valley’s most unique event.  The course will take you through 4 miles of the Explore Park.  Much of the course is on IMBA designed trails.  The course consists of 2 miles of twisty rolling single track and 2 mile of grass and gravel roads.  These trails will be marked with reflective arrows, glow sticks, and the occasional surprise (nothing scary, this is a family event).  Every effort will be taken so that you will easily be able to find your way and stay on course.

A light source is mandatory; it is recommended that you have at least a headlamp or flashlight.  I personally think it is best to carry one of each.  A headlamp to see where you are going and a flashlight to cast shadows and give you depth perception (easier to see those sneaky roots and rocks).  We will leave this up to your personal preference.  It is recommended that you try your choice of light source under similar conditions prior to running the race.

 PLEASE NOTE—Headlamps, flashlights, and any other light source will not be provided by race management.

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17th Annual Into the Darkness Night Trail Run
  • Blue Ridge Parkway, Milepost 115
  • Salem, VA 24014
  • to
  • Explore Park
  • See Website for Details