Virginia's Blue Ridge is a destination best experienced in person.

As much as we enjoy sharing the pictures of beautiful views and describing the unique sounds, smells, sights, and flavors of the region, you won't know what it means to be a #Trailsetter until you can experience it for yourself.

However, as we know many people are still waiting for the right time to plan their next vacation, we wanted to come up with some unique ways for you to enjoy Virginia's Blue Ridge at home! We'll call the following activities "imperfect substitutions" because they can't replace the real thing, but we hope you'll give them a try and then come check out the real thing when you're ready!

Cyclocross Substitute

Virginia's Blue Ridge at Home - Cyclocross Substitute

Step 1: Find a bicycle, tricycle, or anything with wheels.
Step 2: Throw multiple household items out into the yard to act as obstacles.
Step 3: Ride around your yard while family members heckle you. (Banging pots & pans can substitute for cow bells).
Step 4: Make future plans to participate in a true cyclocross race in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Future Plans: Virginia's Blue Ridge GO Cross Cyclocross Race >

DIY Dixie Caverns

Virginia's Blue Ridge at Home - Dixie Caverns Substitute

Step 1: Find the darkest place in your home. We recommend the basement.
Step 2: Hang a carrot from the ceiling - this is a stalactite.
Step 3: Turn off the lights and only use a flashlight for an added effect.
Step 4: Visit the actual caverns in the future.

Future Plans: Dixie Caverns in Virginia's Blue Ridge >

Makeshift McAfee

Virginia's Blue Ridge at Home - McAfee Knob Substitute

Step 1: Walk up and down a set of stairs for approximately 2 hours.
Step 2: Stand on the edge of the bed and peer over cautiously.
Step 3: Sit on the very end and take a photo.
Bonus: Hold out a stuffed animal over the edge to also re-enact a classic movie.

Future Plans: Hiking McAfee Knob >

Not Quite Texas Tavern

Virginia's Blue Ridge at Home - Texas Tavern Substitute

Step 1: Make sure your kitchen space has no more than 10 spots for seating.
Step 2: Gather the ingredients for a Cheesy Western - buns, hamburger, eggs, pickles, onions, mustard.
Step 3: Grab ketchup our of the fridge, call it sissy sauce, and it put right back. DO NOT USE.
Step 4: Attempt to piece together your burger, or better yet, head to Texas Tavern and get food to go.

Future Plans: Texas Tavern Menu >

Roaring Run Replacement

Virginia's Blue Ridge at Home - Roaring Run Substitute

Step 1: Find or purchase a slip-n-slide or tarp.
Step 2: Run water from a garden hose down the slide.
Step 3: Add rocks & potted plants to give it a natural feel.
Step 4: Launch yourself down this imitation "natural" slide.
Step 5: Add the real Roaring Run to your travel bucket list.

Future Plans: Roaring Run Recreation Area >

Simulated Stiles Falls

Virginia's Blue Ridge at Home - Stiles Falls Substitute

Step 1: Put on a swimsuit.
Step 2: Turn the shower as cold as it goes.
Step 3: Close your eyes and stand under the water.
Step 4: Make plans to visit Stiles Falls for yourself.

Future Plans: Hike to Stiles Falls >

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