It’s easy to recognize a city’s vibe when there are vibrant murals adding pizazz to downtown buildings and neighborhoods. We may be biased, but we’d say the Star City is fairly lit. 

As you drive or walk our downtown and historic neighborhoods, watch for these murals. Take a photo of them or in front of them. They’re pubic art and we’re happy to share their beauty with you.

Even beyond Roanoke, Virginia’s Blue Ridge offers unique art murals in Rocky Mount, Salem, and other destinations. It’s time for an artsy road trip!

Greetings from Roanoke

In the vintage postcard feel, “Greetings from Roanoke” is a mural depicting recognizable landmarks in each of the letters spelling “Roanoke.” From the iconic Roanoke Star to The Hotel Roanoke, it’s a fast introduction to or great reminder of Roanoke. The piece is located on the side of the RAMP Regional Accelerator building on Jefferson Street across from Elmwood Park in Downtown Roanoke.

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Dale Avenue SE Community Mural | Roanoke

The community-painted mural on Dale Avenue SE brightens an otherwise drab retaining wall. Toobz, a well-known artist, designed the mural while a paint party of community members brought it to life. We see Virginia’s Blue Ridge beautifully depicted in the mountain landscape.

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Gateway Mural | Roanoke

Eighteen pylons beneath a 581 overpass are now decorated with wrap-around murals designed by Brenda Mauney Councill, an internationally acclaimed artist who sought the brush strokes of residents to complete the project.

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Parkway Brewing Company | Salem


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Every day is a bright, sunshiny day inside Parkway Brewing Company. Their indoor mural takes care of any gloominess the day may have carried before you walked in and ordered a flight of craft beer. Once you've checked out the mural, grab a seat in front of the fireplace or head outside and enjoy the gorgeous patio space.

Toobz | Roanoke

One artist has painted Roanoke a little more frequently than others. You’ll find the work of Toobz (Scott Noel) in several locations, and each piece has a supporting story.

In Grandin Village, look for “The World is a Village” depicting the diversity of Roanoke. Under an overpass near the Taubman Museum of Art, look for “In It for the Long Run,” a personal statement about his career. 

“Humanfacturing” suggests success when small and large businesses work together, and you’ll find it on the side of a self-storage warehouse in the Wasena neighborhood. On the same building, see “The Great Heron,” a reminder to remember nature as we “humanfacture.”

Starr Hill Pilot Brewery & Side Stage | Roanoke

Roanoke artist Jaimie Phillips created a mural for Side Stage, a concert area that accompanies the new Starr Hill Pilot Brewery at The Bridges in Roanoke. Featured are the mountains, the Roanoke Star, wheat stalks, chickadees, a musician, and a suitcase full of tricks.

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Storm Drain Murals | Roanoke

Keep an eye out for murals painted on six storm drains around the City of Roanoke! The Roanoke Inlet Art Project is an awesome new initiative by the City of Roanoke Stormwater division meant to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our waterways and the role it plays in preserving the natural beauty of Virginia's Blue Ridge. Each piece of art features a water-inspired design.

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Everyone Wants to Leave Their Mark | Roanoke

Commissioned by the Taubman Museum of Art, the Everyone Wants to Love Their Mark mural is a stunning piece located beside the museum underneath the Williamson Road bridge in Downtown Roanoke. It was painted by artist Mickael Broth and the scenes draw on experiences from his personal life and moments that have left their mark.

Main Street Bridge Mural | Roanoke

If you’re accustomed to seeing graffiti-laden concrete bridge supports, you haven’t seen the arches of Wasena Bridge. Main Street runs atop the 1938 bridge and Winchester Avenue sneaks beneath. It is there beneath the bridge that you’ll find “Beautiful View,” a double mural depicting bits and pieces of the best parts of Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

Bobby’s Hot & Cheesy | Roanoke 

Roanoke’s newest pizza joint boasts skateboard art rather than a mural, but the fact that skateboard decks made our article about murals speaks to the breadth of their collection. Repeating columns six decks high line the wall and sets the vibe for this on-trend but not trendy “solid salad, pizza, beer & sangria place.”

Map of Locations

Not all art is found in a museum or gallery, though we have our fair share of those, too. Train your eye to see not only our commissioned murals, but also our industrial art and statues. Art is all around in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

Note - This post was updated in August 2018.