Virginia’s Blue Ridge is home to Red Rooster, one of the premier specialty coffee roasting companies in the country.

The company was founded in the Town of Floyd in 2010 and has steadily gained a national reputation and profile for its commitment to quality and attention to detail in roasting excellent coffee. Red Rooster regularly competes in coffee competitions around the country and won first place in the “America’s Best Espresso” competition in New York City in 2016.

Recently, Red Rooster expanded its presence in Virginia’s Blue Ridge with the opening of the Red Rooster Coffee Tasting Room & Lab. This 500-square-foot, intimate new spot is part of the exciting growth taking place in Roanoke’s Wasena neighborhood.

Instead of competing with other traditional coffee shops in the area that already serve Red Rooster’s coffee, such as CUPS Coffee & Tea and Little Green Hive, the goal of this new tasting room and lab is to introduce people to the unique craft culture and process of specialty coffee.

In many ways, understanding what goes into producing a good cup of coffee is similar to understanding the complexities of a glass of wine, and this tasting room in Virginia’s Blue Ridge provides an educational experience about the vast world of craft coffee.

A visit to the tasting room & lab will be fun and informative.

You can learn about the art of various brewing techniques and discover the difference between things like pour-overs, french press, or traditional drip coffee. Shop manager Philip Hatter is a wealth of coffee knowledge, and he’s happy to answer questions and explain the techniques behind roasting small-batch and single origin coffees and how you can identify the difference between types of coffee beans and the ways they’ve been roasted in different regions around the world.

Attending a class is a wonderful way to learn more about specialty coffee, and Red Rooster offers multiple two-hour classes that make for a great activity during your Blue Ridge Day. Classes are centered around topics such as the History of Coffee, Brewing Coffee at Home, and Coffee Tasting 101.

The shop also sells coffee by the bag, brewing equipment, and Red Rooster merchandise, so you can put your newfound coffee making and tasting knowledge to good use.

Sunday - Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Thursday - Saturday: 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Note - This isn’t a traditional coffee shop. It’s a coffee tasting room that specializes in coffee tastings and classes, as well as selling various types of Red Rooster coffee by the bag, Red Rooster merchandise, and coffee equipment.

The Red Rooster Coffee Tasting Room & Lab is located in Roanoke’s Wasena Neighborhood, within walking distance to the Roanoke River Greenway and Wasena Park. The address is:
1116 Main Street SW
Roanoke, VA 24015

Classes & Tastings
The Red Rooster Coffee Tasting Room & Lab features two-hour classes that are opportunities to learn the ins-and-outs of coffee. Class topics include: The History of Coffee, Brewing Coffee at Home, Coffee Tasting 101. Classes are $25 per person and reservations can be booked online.

The shop also hosts occasional sessions called “Cuppings” which gives visitors the chance the sample some of Red Rooster’s single origin coffees and get an introduction to the tasting process. Follow Red Rooster Coffee Tasting Room & Lab on Facebook to keep up with announcements for future Cupping workshops!

What’s Nearby?

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