A cookie from a local restaurant or bakery is a perfect option for a sweet treat in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.

Made from scratch cookies are also easily transportable and make for great gifts, meaning you can indulge during your visit to Virginia’s Blue Ridge, as well as take a few home to share with family and friends.


From chocolate and peanut butter to shortbread and citrus, you’ll find all your favorites.

Here are seven tasty cookies you have to try in Virginia’s Blue Ridge!

1. Pecan Shortbread - Bread Craft
Bread Craft - Pecan Shortbread

The rich, buttery pecan shortbread from Bread Craft is the ideal match for a cup of coffee or hot tea. The shortbread, which includes chunks of pecans, is one of many amazing options at this artisan bakery in Downtown Roanoke.

2. Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip - Land of a Thousand Hills

Land of a Thousand Hills - Gluten Free PBCC

Can’t have gluten? No problem! Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Shop keeps our gluten intolerant visitors in mind. This Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie is so good, you might want it even if you don’t have trouble with gluten.

3. Fried Oreos - Beamer’s 25


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The burgers and craft beer are the stars on the menu at Beamer’s 25, but you’ll also want to leave room for a few fried oreos for dessert! The dish features four double stuffed Oreos that are deep-fried in funnel cake. For the extra sweet tooth, you can also have them served a la mode.

4. Nicholas & Alexandra Cookie - Evie's Bistro and Bakery

The Nicholas & Alexandra Cookie, also known as the “Nick & Alex,” is a combination of chocolate and peanut butter. It’s a peanut butter cookie that’s dipped in a semi-sweet chocolate ganache. We don’t know Nicholas or Alexandra, but we sure do love their cookie! 

5. Citrus Glazed Lemon Delite - R.T. Smith’s Fine Delicatessen
R.T. Smith's - Lemon Glazed

Scratch made cookies are part of the delicious menu put together by Keith and Karena Clinton at Downtown Roanoke’s New York style deli. Using a recipe from 1964, the Citrus Glazed Lemon Delite is a lemon cookie with a unique blend of lemon and spices that’s also topped with a citrus glaze.

6. Cookie Sandwich - Bubblecake
Bubblecake - Cookie Sandwiches

Why just have one cookie when you can put icing between two cookies and make a sandwich?! The Bubblecake Bake Shop at Towers Shopping Center offers two amazing cookie sandwiches. The chocolate chip cookie sandwich is filled with cookie dough frosting and the salted caramel cookie sandwich is filled with vanilla bean frosting. 

7. Butterscotch Haystack - 2nd Helpings Cafe
2nd Helpings - Butterscotch Haystack

This unique cookie will bring back memories of spending time in the kitchen with grandma. The Butterscotch Haystack at 2nd Helpings Cafe is made with butterscotch, peanut butter, and chow mein noodles that give it that distinct haystack appearance.

Custom Cookie Bonus! - Cupcake Cottage
Cupcake Cottage - Custom Cookies

Want to celebrate a special occasion? Place an order for custom designed sugar cookies from Cupcake Cottage! These adorable creations can include personalized messages and unique themes that are wonderful for weddings, parties, and special events.

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