Making your own way and discovering the wonders of a place are quite the delight. It’s like you’re truly uncovering a gem no one else has seen. 

Perhaps within your group of friends that’s true. You’re the pioneer, yes? 

Well at least allow us to point the way if we don’t personally escort you. Here are some self-guided tours to help you learn more about Virginia's Blue Ridge.

1. Downtown Roanoke Walking Tour

If you’re unfamiliar with the history of Roanoke, we’ll give you a brief intro: it’s a rail town with a grand dame of a hotel, iconic neon lights, an historic city market complete with an incredible old market building, and a rich, culturally diverse heritage.

2. Historic Walking Tour of Salem

Salem, Virginia

Sweet Salem is a Main Street community and planned 25-acre downtown. Touring on your own will lead you to the beautiful campus of Roanoke College, stately French and Italian architecture, and visible references of westward migration.

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3. A Taste of Botetourt

First, take in the historical aspects of Botetourt County with a Fincastle walking tour. After that, it’s all about your taste buds with stops for coffee, tea, cupcakes, craft beer, and more. Gifts, antiques, and the great outdoors round out a fantastic couple of days in Botetourt in Virginia's Blue Ridge.

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4. Franklin County Loop Tour

Homestead Creamery

Perhaps you’ve heard of Booker T. Washington? He was only the most prolific black educator and orator during the 19th and 20th centuries, and his very humble beginnings are available for your exploration at his birthplace in Franklin County. Get hands-on with agriculture at a variety of farms, and launch into heritage music at the beginning of the Crooked Road. 

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5. Fincastle Walking Tour

Mentioned above as a part of A Taste of Botetourt, some history lovers will want to dive deeper and explore more of Fincastle and the treasures that await. Chartered in 1772, a wealth of architectural history and westward migration history is readily available.

6. Art By Bike

Family Biking - Roanoke Valley Greenways

One of the coolest ways to get around downtown Roanoke is by bike. Rent one and head off on a two-wheeled adventure for art. Along the way you’ll find fantastic murals, sculptures, statues, and a variety of other artsy things.

7. Virginia's Blue Ridge Cheers Trail

Craft beer aficionados will be delighted to sip their way through the breweries that are part of Virginia's Blue Ridge Cheers Trail. With thirst-quenching flagship offerings and creative seasonal specials, there's always something tasty on tap. The scenery along the way is pretty excellent, too.

8. Bedford Wine Trail

You'll love exploring the beautiful views and tasting rooms of the six wineries on the Bedford Wine Trail. Enjoy a wine flight and then take a walk along the vines. If the weather is ideal, spread out a picnic and soak in the views.

9. Gainsboro History Tour of African American Culture

Martin Luther King Jr. Statue - Downtown Roanoke

Gainsboro is Roanoke’s historic African American neighborhood. Separated from downtown by the railroad tracks, the community found itself naturally segregated and so was self-sustaining with its own hospital, hotel, restaurants, etc. A most notable piece of history is the Dumas Center for Artistic and Cultural Development. It used to be the Hotel Dumas – the only hotel for traveling African Americans visiting Roanoke during segregation. If walls could talk, you’d likely hear the unmistakable voices of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, who stayed there while entertaining in Roanoke.

So go! On with you! Explore, discover, and make great memories in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. You can also get other trip ideas by learning more about guided tours and adventures, as well as our Sample Itineraries. Tag us along the way by using the hashtag #BlueRidgeDay.