Biscuit-making is so easy for Southern grandmas. A pinch of this, a dash of that, and a well-floured countertop always turn out the best fluffy biscuits. How do they get them so perfect without ever looking at a recipe?

Reliable homemade comfort foods can be hard to find, but we happen to have tasted our way to discovering 10 places for the best biscuits in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Yep. It’s hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it. Give it a try yourself and let us know what you think!

Note - this is not a ranking and restaurants are listed in no particular order.

1. The Roanoker Restaurant | Roanoke

For some time now, biscuit lovers near and far have found their way to The Roanoker, where the same recipe has been used since 1941. The buttermilk delights (pictured above) found their way into a Southern Living cookbook, onto The Today Show, and in numerous publications and blogs over the years.

“This was a Southern breakfast if I've ever had one... and I grew up in the hills of Tennessee. The biscuits are buttery, pillowy and absolutely delicious! I could have eaten 10 of them!”
- Rachel N., Washington D.C.

2. The Homeplace Restaurant | Catawba


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The biscuits at The Homeplace are complimentary, and people rave about them! Forty TripAdvisor reviews mention them and the excellent homemade apple butter they’re served with. We promise you they’re worth the drive and worth the wait.

“The hot biscuits are flaky and tender, but don't fall apart when you slather on the butter - oh be still my Virginia heart.”
- Jeannine1220

3. Maw & Paw’s Diner | Eagle Rock

A family establishment, Maw & Paw’s is a local hangout offering nothing fancy, just good, simple food. Their biscuits won’t disappoint, and if you’re in the mood for a burger, Garden & Gun has named theirs one of the best in the South.

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4. Ruth’s Place | Rocky Mount

Ruth’s Place has only been around five years, but the people who have found themselves at this unassuming diner in Rocky Mount have often made their way back. Typical breakfast biscuits and a hearty biscuit-and-gravy platter are among the morning staples and most beloved items on the menu.

“They serve breakfast all day. It was delicious. The biscuit was huge and fluffy, the bacon crispy and eggs cooked perfectly over medium plus crispy hash browns."
- Catbird370, Winston-Salem, NC

5. Scratch Biscuit Company | Roanoke

A restaurant that’s sole purpose is to serve up southern scratch-made biscuits? Oh yeah! Enjoy one piping hot with butter or top it off any number of incredible goodies. Perhaps a Sling Blade? Or maybe a Bless Your Heart? The Southern influence is strong at Scratch, and you’re going to love it. Oh! And don’t forget to try a cup of house-roasted coffee.

“The biscuits are huge and made fresh ... I recommend the Jezebel biscuit but the chicken biscuit is a close second.”
- Erika C., Roanoke, VA

6. The Hub Restaurant | Rocky Mount

Rocky Mount’s oldest restaurant is still one of the best places to find good homemade food. Their pies are their claim to fame, but the biscuits get high marks, too. 

“I had the sausage gravy/biscuits with eggs/grits … two HUGE biscuits flayed out on the plate smothered with the best gravy I've had in a long time, 2 eggs scrambled to perfection smothered in cheese, and a decent size bowl of grits with just as much cheese/butter as the eggs.  I almost couldn't finish it all.”
- David B., Norcross, GA

7. The Historic Pine Tavern | Floyd

If an eatery was established in 1927 and it’s still around, you know there’s something good behind those walls. Such is the case for The Historic Pine Tavern in Floyd, a restaurant still cooking from Mama Nell’s recipes after all these years.

“… we completely stuffed ourselves with awesome fried chicken, country ham, roast beef and the biscuits ... my God, the biscuits.” 
- Jeff P., Washington, DC

8. The Swinging Bridge Restaurant | Paint Bank


For more than 10 years The Swinging Bridge has been something of a destination restaurant that serves delicious homemade meals. They’re known for the comfort food that hits the spot in winter and their buffalo burgers that are a unique menu option for Virginia. But if you’ve somehow missed or chose to skip their biscuits, you’ve made a mistake.

“Talk about your basic authentic country cooking! We had breakfast here twice this past weekend while staying at The Depot Lodge, and both meals were fantastic. Great biscuits, perfect bacon, wonderful sausage gravy, some locally sourced items and friendly service, all while surrounded by the unique decor and ambience of The Paint Bank General Store. Two thumbs up!”
- John S.

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9. Angelle’s Diner | Troutville

A newcomer to Virginia’s Blue Ridge, Angelle’s Diner is steadily receiving great reviews on both Yelp! and TripAdvisor for their atmosphere, customer service, and great diner food.

“What a pleasant experience! The staff is extremely friendly and attentive and the food was delicious! The eggs were light and fluffy and the biscuits and gravy were so, so good. It's a great place to stop for a quick bite.”
- Jo Anne G., Hawthorne, NJ

10. Dogwood Restaurant | Vinton

The same as it was in 1948, Dogwood has a loyal local following and is often a nice treat for passersby. 

“… if you want a biscuit or a good traditional country breakfast, look no further. You won't find better anywhere else in the area. The Potato cake and pancakes are awesome; biscuits, peerless.”
- John C., Roanoke, VA

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