The Norfolk & Western Class J 611 Steam Locomotive is the finest American locomotive ever made. Every year, Class J 611 fans from around the world visit the Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke to see the iconic locomotive up close and in person. In 2012, the VMT and the Class J 611 welcomed visitors from 49 countries!

The Class J Locomotives were built using American ingenuity, design and engineering. Even today, she is the pinnacle of steam locomotive technology known to man.

The Norfolk & Western Class J Locomotives were designed, constructed and maintained in Roanoke, Virginia. These streamlined locomotives have captivated the hearts of rail fans worldwide since they first rolled out of the N&W Roanoke Shops, beginning in 1941.

Recently, the Virginia Museum of Transportation launched Fire Up 611!, a capital campaign to restore the Class J 611 to excursion service. Her fans have rallied. To date, the VMT has received donations from 12 foreign countries and 49 states within America. The entire Roanoke Valley looks forward to the day when the 611 thunders across the Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains once again.

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