There are lots of reasons to love the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge, and a few of them are highlighted in a recent article for UrbanMatter.

The story is titled "7 Reasons to Love Virginia's Blue Ridge" and it was written by Pamela Dittmer McKuen, who visited the region in April 2017 as part of a media tour hosted by Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge.

Her article highlights many of the most popular experience in the area, such as taking a scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway, visiting the Roanoke Star, shopping at Black Dog Salvage, and sampling local craft beverages along Virginia's Blue Ridge Cheers Trail.

The following is an excerpt from the piece:

"An 80-mile stretch of the famed Blue Ridge Parkway winds through the Roanoke Valley. “America’s Favorite Drive,” as it is known, captivates motorists, bicyclists, and hikers with views of misty mountains and sweeping panoramas. Stop at the scenic overlooks to take photographs of the sunrise or break away from the highway and hike over 600 trail miles to geologic wonders, dense forest, and cascading waterfalls."

Read the article in its entirety on the UrbanMatter website.

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