While the Blue Ridge Parkway has a reputation of being one of the most scenic drives in America and is a huge part of the experience in Virginia's Blue Ridge, it's one of many fun things to do when you visit the region.

The variety of activities and adventures beyond the Parkway are showcased in a recent post on The Down Lo blog titled "Everything to Do in Virginia's Blue Ridge...Beyond the Parkway."

The post was written by Lauren Monitz, who was hosted by Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge this past spring as part of a visit to learn more about the region and what makes it an ideal destination for a mountain vacation.

Earlier this year, she also wrote a piece about the craft beer scene in the region. Read here >

In the latest post, Virginia's Blue Ridge is featured as a region with diverse offerings and amenities, including lots of great outdoor adventures, unique culinary creations, and lots of family-friendly entertainment options.

The following is an excerpt from the section about the outdoors:

"For a more lackadaisical walk in the woods, Roaring Run in Jefferson National Forest is a laidback jaunt along the river that ends in a pulsing waterfall and a historic 1800s iron furnace. For the mountain bikers, Carvins Cove Natural Reserve is the place to play, while the James River has a scenic water designation for its beauty, perfect for idyllic float trips, kayaking, and SUP outings."

Visit The Down Lo blog to see the article in its entirety.


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