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The Boston Globe Takes the Region
to New Elevations


The Boston Globe, touted as one of the nation’s top newspapers and with a Sunday circulation of 485,160, put Virginia's Blue Ridge on the map with an article in the Travel section this past Sunday, September 30th.  The article, titled, "Great hiking in Virginia's Roanoke Valley" was written by Diane Bair.  The article also included a sidebar titled "If you go to Roanoke".  The Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau (RVCVB) once again had the opportunity to host Diane to our area this past summer.  She visited two years ago and wrote an article titled "Quick Trips: Art is the New Star in Roanoke, VA" for The Miami Herald.

Landon Howard, President of the RVCVB, said, "the public relations initiative kicked off the first media tour two years ago and is a shining example of a program paying dividends working in partnership with so many tourism businesses.  We are extremely grateful for such a supportive tourism industry."


Catherine Fox
Director of Tourism & Communications
(540) 342-6025, ext. 114

Virginia is for Lovers
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