Roanoke County, Virginia, March 14, 2012. This fourth annual FREE, state of the art, Geocaching event is a treasure hunt and an amazing race all tied into one! On Saturday, May 12, 2012 from 11AM to 3PM starting at Roanoke County's Green Ridge Recreation Center (7415 Wood Haven Rd., Roanoke, VA 24019) the hunt begins. Pre-register to ensure your spot or arrive at 10AM to register the day of the event and enjoy the social hour where you can interact with both "seasoned' Geocachers and those new to the sport and get some first- hand tips on how to make the day as much fun as possible. All participants must return to Green Ridge Recreation Center by 3PM, so points can be tallied and prizes awarded.

Using a hand-held GPS with longitudes and latitudes, a well thought out game plan will get you to the various sites within Roanoke County. At each site there will be a cache/caches and inside each cache lies your "treasure." There will be one gold colored coin valued at 5 points, one silver colored coin at 3 points and "gems" with a value of 1 point each. The object will be to accumulate as many points as possible, taking only one coin or gem from each location. You may compete as an individual, family or in teams. We strongly suggest there be two people per car (at least one navigator).

Not sure "how to" operate a Global Positioning System device? No problem, a geocaching tutorial is available at A limited number of GPS units will be available to those who do not bring their own. A $150 deposit will be required for their use, and deposits can either be a personal check or cash. The deposit will be returned upon the safe return of the GPS unit.

In honor of the ten year anniversary of the Cache In Trash Out program, trash bags will be provided so as you travel the treasure hunt route you can also help the environment by picking up any litter you may find. If we all work together we can have an enormous positive impact on our trails and scenic areas.

The mission, should you decide to accept it is to be the individual, family or team to return with the most accumulated points. Prizes will be awarded but a "fun-tastic" time will be your ultimate reward as you take in the beautiful and historic Roanoke County scenery and breathtaking views in the great outdoors. The Amazing Treasure Hunt is an event of Roanoke County Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism with support from the Roanoke Star Sentinel. For more information and complete details call 540-387-6078 ext 251 or visit