Salem Replaces Horses with Horsepower 

The 8th edition of Virginia’s largest motorcycle rally is heading up the road to Salem. This is one of many changes announced today. The event will also change from its traditional April dates to June, filling a gap in the Salem Civic Center schedule left by the Roanoke Valley Horse Show. 

“These changes have been made for a variety of reasons but it boils down to requests from our patrons” said Elliot Broyles, Vice President of Sponsor Hounds, the company that produces the event. “We’ve heard requests for biker games, more outdoor features, grassy areas and more parking, warmer weather and lower pricing on food and beverage. We can address all of these requests at the Salem Civic Center.” 

Broyles cites the available riding arenas for biker games and concerts. Areas that, he says, are more suited for outdoor activities than the previous venue. “Roanoke and the Civic Center have been very supportive of the event but we have to adapt to the needs of the riders in our community.” 

Director of Civic Facilities, John Saunders, said "We are ecstatic that the Blue Ridge Bike Fest will be coming to the Salem Civic Center. With our layout and grounds the Bike Fest will be able to continue its growth as a prime event in the Roanoke Valley. I know that Sponsor Hounds has been courted for the event by other localities in the state and we are very happy they decided to remain in the area.” 

The Blue Ridge Bike Fest will take place on June 17 and 18 with the final concert on Saturday night. Entertainment and show features will be announced in the coming weeks.

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