Stellina, the new cocktail bar in Downtown Roanoke, is already receiving attention from a major media outlet.

The business is highlighted in a recent article from the New York Post that focuses on some of the world's best small bars. The article is titled "These 10 tiny bars will give you the world's biggest buzzes" and was written by Perri Ormont Blumberg, who was assisted by Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge with information about Stellina.

The intimate bar, located beside Fortunato on Kirk Avenue, features craft cocktails and seats about 20 people in a cozy atmosphere.

It's the latest collaborative project by J.P. Powell and Hunter Johnson, who also own Fortunato and Lucky, two of the most innovative, popular restaurants in Downtown Roanoke.

The article offers readers a glimpse into the type of experience they can find at Stellina, describing it as follows:

"The hallmark of a good bar is its ability to make us feel a little less lonely by the time we leave. The hallmark of a good bartender is to bring that feeling to a simmer before sips meets lips. This little Virginian star achieves both."

Stellina earns the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge alongside other bars from places like Hong Kong, Turkey, New York, San Diego and Portugal.

Click here to see the complete list on the New York Post website.